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CO2 / H2O / CH4  Analysis

Greenhouse Gas Monitoring

Brand : Li-Cor

LI-7500A Open Path CO2,H2O Analyzer

LI-7500A Open Path CO2/H2O Analyzer

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LI-7200 Enclosed CO2,H2O Analyzer

LI-7200 Enclosed CO2/H2O Analyzer

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LI-7700: The Open CH4 Analyzer

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LI-7000 CO2,H2O Gas Analyzer

LI-7000 CO2/H2O Gas Analyzer

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850_and_gut                     LI-850 CO2/H2O Analyzer

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LI-830 CO2 Analyzer

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LI-610 Portable Dew Point Generator

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Why Use Eddy Covariance to Measure Flux?

The eddy covariance technique is the most widely used, accurate, and direct method presently available for quantifying exchanges of carbon dioxide, water vapour, methane, various other gases, and energy between the surface of earth and the atmosphere.

Eddy covariance provides an accurate way to measure surface-to-atmosphere fluxes, gas exchange budgets, and emissions from a variety of ecosystems, including agricultural and urban plots, landfills, and various water surfaces. Emissions and fluxes can be measured by instrumentation on either a stationary or mobile tower, floating vessel (such as a ship or buoy), or aircraft.

Summary of Eddy Covariance

• Quantifies gas exchange rates, emissions and fluxes by directly measuring movement of gases in the air

• Requires turbulent flow, with winds generally above 0.5 m/s

• Requires state-of-the-art fast instruments

• Most direct and defensible way to measure flux


Design Your System

You can customize eddy covariance systems, from the simplified EddyFlux System to advanced systems that measure methane flux and meteorological variables. Choose from the options below to fit the needs of your site. A consultant will give you a personalized quote and any additional information that you request.Click below to design your own system.


Portable Photosynthesis System

Brand : Li-Cor


LI-6400XT Portable Photosynthesis system

The LI‑6400XT has two absolute CO2 and two absolute H2O non-dispersive infrared gas analyzers that provide superior performance in a field-portable system.The gas analyzers are in the sensor head, which allows for real-time measurements with leaf-level environmental feedback control. This is not possible when analyzers are in the console.

Click For More Info about LI-6400XT

Click For More Info about LI-6400XT Chambers and Accessories


LI-6800 Portable Photosynthesis System

LI-6800 Portable Photosynthesis System

The only instrument in the world that uses Rapid Sensing™ Technology for fast A-Ci curves and survey measurements.

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Click here for more information about LI-6400 and LI-6800

Brand: LI-COR


LI-8100A Automated
Soil Gas Flux System

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LI-8150 Multiplexer

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Designed to minimize effects on the variables you want to measure, LI-8100A chambers are the result of close collaboration between scientists and engineers.

  • Equalize pressure in the chamber with atmospheric pressure—even in windy conditions
  • Chamber shape provides a well-mixed air sample
  • Constructed from durable components—for long-term outdoor deployment

The long-term chambers pivot away from the measurement area to minimize alterations to sun exposure, wind, and precipitation at the sample location. They have user-selectable open positions for situations where it is necessary to avoid terrain or other obstructions


Long-Term Chamber

The opaque long-term chamber (8100-104) is finished in durable, highly reflective white enamel.


10-cm Survey Chamber

The 10-cm survey chamber (8100-102) features durable white enamel finish. It is designed to be easy to move from one point to another, for surveying and mapping CO2 concentrations. Ideal for sampling small areas between plants or other obstructions.


Clear Long-Term Chamber

The clear chamber (8100-104C) is designed for long-term net carbon exchange measurements. It features a durable, clear chamber so that plants are exposed to sunlight during measurements.


20-cm Survey Chamber

The 20-cm survey chamber (8100-103) features durable white enamel finish. It is designed to be easy to move from one point to another, for surveying and mapping CO2 concentrations. High sample area-to-perimeter ratio provides a good representation of undisturbed soil.

Click For More Info about Chambers and Accessories

LI-3100C Area Meter


The LI-3100C Area Meter is designed for efficient, exacting measurements of both large and small objects. User-selectable area resolution of either 1 mm2 or 0.1 mm2 is available without having to change optics. This versatility provides the flexibility necessary for diverse project requirements.

Click For More Info about LI-3100C

LI-3000C Portable Leaf Area Meter

3000C_in_use_1The LI-3000C combines an easy-to-use readout console with the proven scanning technology of the LI-3000C sensor head to provide a powerful system for portable, non-destructive leaf area measurements. It utilizes an electronic method of rectangular approximation to provide 1 mm2 resolution. Leaf area, leaf length, average width, and maximum width are logged by the readout console as the scanning head is drawn over a leaf. Files can be viewed on the display or output to a computer using the LI‑3000C application software.

Click For More Info about LI-3000C

LAI – 2200C Plant Canopy Analyzer


World standard for
indirect LAI measurements

The LAI‑2200C Plant Canopy Analyzer uses a non-destructive method to easily and accurately measure Leaf Area Index (LAI). It consistently outperforms other methods such as Ceptometry and Hemispherical Photography in terms of flexibility, advanced features, accuracy, and ease of use.

Click For More Info about LI-2200C

Light Measurement

Brand : Li-Cor


Light Meter

LI-250A Light Meter


Light Sensor Logger

LI-1500 Light Sensor Logger


Data Logger

LI-1400 Data Logger


Quantum Sensor

LI-190R quantum sensor


Line Quantum Sensor

LI-191R quantum line sensor


Underwater Quantum Sensor

LI-192 Underwater Quantum Sensor


Spherical Underwater Quantum Sensor 

LI-193 Spherical Underwater Quantum Sensor



LI-200R Pyranometer


Photometric Sensor

LI-210R Photometric Sensor

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Author: nbs007

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