Towards the Green Technology

Rapid development of technology nowadays served a huge benefits for human being. Our concern is to explore more agriculture-based technology and introduce the environmental control system as well as promoted the green technology to our customers. ESI technology enables researchers to provide a controlled environment system for plant growth through integration of several systems and adaptation of Internet of Things (IOT) system.

Your Environmental Expert

From the top supplier of scientific research instruments, to an expertise in greenhouse and environmental controlled technology, ESI Sdn Bhd has evolved in providing the integral technology system to estimate the side effect of carbon dioxide concentration in 10 years onwards through Free Air Carbon Enrichment technology. Besides, weather Station and Eddy Covariance technology enable high accuracy of weather prediction and reliable data measurements of greenhouse gas exchange. These technologies can be used for long-term operation with low power requirements.



Our Missions

Our integrated groups have a common focus which is to serve our customers based on delivery of a high quality product, timely response to meet client needs while giving reasonable cost. Since our beginning in 2002, we have committed ourselves to introduce innovation, reliability, quality and success. We are focused to maintain our position as the number one supplier of highly sophisticated equipments. Our goal is to be the most customer centric company where people can find and discover the innovation the world is engaged with.