Compost Maturity Test Kit (Dr.Compo)

Principle of evaluation

    Add compost to the reagent, flocculate and precipitate the extracted matters, generated from decompose of organic matters with microbes. Then gather the top clear layer and evaluate the maturity with color tone or absorptiometry.


  • Anybody can use this simple kit
  • Necessary time to evaluate – just 15minutes!
  • Adopted method with high accuracy – This colorimetric analysis is closely related with existing indices
  • Possible to evaluate the stage of mature
  • Possible to use for the compost from kitchen refuges, plant residue, food processing residue, animal waste, etc. except for the compost from 100% woody parts
  • The cost for evaluation is drastically reduced in comparison with existing method


  • This kit helps you to control and guarantee the quality of compost with scientific basis
  • Helps you to reduce the cost for compost production
  • Helps you to establish reliable relationship with the consumer, and to expand the distribution network.

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