Groundwater Monitoring

Shallow Tubewell

Including Registration and surveillance from State Goverment, geographical study, mobilisation, drilling and construct, pump installation adn calibration test

Package includes:

Geophysical Study

Provide machineries, tools, devices and man power for Geophysical survey:
I. Inverse Polarization method with pole dipole;
II. 200m per lines; (depth between 40-80 meter)
III. Resistivity report


Mobilise drilling rig, equipment and others .

Drilling and Construct

(a) Drilling: Drill 5-6" borehole in the alluvium and rock formation (0-10 meter. 10- 20 meter, 20- 30 meter depth).
(b) Well Construction: Construct 4" uPVC pipe including gravel pack between annulus.(0-10 meter. 10- 20 meter, 20- 30 meter depth).

Pump Installation & Calibration Test

I. Installation of submersible pump including pipe installation form tubewell to well head.
II. Control Panel with level sensor

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