Opaque Long-Term Chamber

The 8200-104 Opaque Long-Term Chamber builds on the trusted and patented technology from the previous generation. This line of long-term chambers withstands the ...

The Smart Chamber is a portable, self-powered 20 cm survey chamber featuring an embedded microprocessor and internal storage for real-time flux calculations when configured with LI-COR gas analyzers. The Smart Chamber can also be configured with non-LI-COR gas analyzers to measure fluxes of your particular gases of interest using SoilFluxPro™ software.

The Smart Chamber Difference

Like its predecessors, the Smart Chamber was designed to minimize and control for extraneous factors that induce measurement errors, providing the most precise and accurate measurements possible.

  • Bellows-controlled closure mechanism ensures that chamber placement has the same negligible effect on each measurement.
  • Patented chamber vent design maintains pressure equilibrium between the inside and outside of the chamber, even in windy conditions.
  • Flux calculations use an exponential function to compensate for altered diffusion gradients inherent in chamber-based gas flux measurements.

Built on this foundation, the Smart Chamber offers multiple technological innovations that will change the way you collect soil gas flux survey measurements.

Real-Time Flux Calculations

The unique design of the Smart Chamber allows for complete self-control of the gas flow to the analyzer and is capable of computing the final flux rate when used with LI-COR trace gas or CO2 analyzers. Flux data are integrated with auxiliary sensor, GPS, and time data, and can be viewed in real time or saved in the Smart Chamber for later downloading. Flux calculations incorporating data from third-party gas analyzers can be computed in SoilFluxPro software.

Stevens HydraProbe Included for Auxiliary Data Collection

The Smart Chamber comes equipped with a Stevens HydraProbe soil moisture and temperature probe. This auxiliary data is captured concurrently with gas flux data and can be stored in the convenient dock when not in use.

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