Combination Equipment

pH 3000 + PNT 3000

The PNT 3000 COMBI+ brings together two important functions of salinity measurement: the salinity measurement directly in soils and substrates (activity), as well as the EC measurement in solutions and suspensions. The PNT 3000 COMBI+ provides an extended EC-measuring range: from 0-20 mS and from 20 – 200 mS. This makes precise measurements of fertilizer stock solutions possible.

This universal instrument is to be applied in all fields of horticulture!

Recommended applications of the portable PNT 3000 COMBI+:

  • Nurseries: container plants, particularly if slow-release fertilizers are applied
  • Landscape: golf course greens, sports grounds, etc.
  • Peat production for immediate check during production process
  • Compost plants: to avoid excess of salt concentration in compost soils
  • Communities, local governments: determination of soils charged with chloride after winter period
  • Consultants, advisors, salesmen, etc.
  • Universities, schools, horti-/agricultural educational institutes
  • Pot plant production: control of nutrient solutions (fertilizer mixing systems), stocksolutions
  • Substrate production: salinity control of peat and cocopeat products
  • Hydroponic systems, growing media like rockwool, etc.
  • Laboratory use as universal EC-meter

pH 3000 + PNT 3000

The ideal combination for production, consultants and service in all fields of horticulture without application of liquid fertilization.

Combi 5000 pH + EC

The ideal combination for all users of hydroponic growing systems, for consultants and salesman of liquid fertilzers, fertilizer mixers, etc.

COMBI 5000 Complete Set
(pH + Activity + EC +Moisture +Temperature)

5 measurements for rapid control of plant nutrition with only one device

With the COMBI 5000 in the hand, you have the most important parameters to determine the nutritional status of your plant stock professionally and quickly. The COMBI 5000 uses the latest microprocessor technology and has an automatic sensor recognition. When a sensor is attached, the unit changes automatically to the corresponding measuring mode. The automatic buffer recognition during calibration also ensures a high operating comfort.The COMBI 5000 is delivered in a sturdy aluminum case, in which all accessories are kept safe and at hand.

Multi probe for simultaneous measurement of activity (salinity), soil moisture and temperature

The new multi-probe is a significant further development of the previous measuring probe for direct salinity (activity) measurement in the soil or substrate. In this measurement method, the measurement result depends, besides other factors, on temperature and soil or substrate moisture. These two values can now be measured with the new COMBI 5000 multi-probe. This is made possible due to a high-frequency capacitance measurement integrated into the probe according to the FDR technology in a measuring range of 0.5% to 80% (volumetric). The temperature measurement is carried out in the range of -10 ° C to + 50 ° C by a fast-reacting NTC sensor spattered in the probe tip.


  • Probe: plastic, glass fiber reinforced, Ø 10 mm
  • Probe length: 250 mm
  • Sensors: FDR capacitive (moisture), NTC (temperature), bi-pol (salinity)
  • Temperature compensation: automatic
  • Applications: measurement of salinity, temperature, soil and substrate moisture

Technical data Basic unit COMBI 5000:

  • Housing: splash-proof, rugged
  • Connector: BNC plug and 8-pin-plug
  • Power: > 4000 measurements, 9-Volt-battery
  • Display: alphanumeric, reflective
  • Dimensions: 180 × 85 × 50 mm
  • Weight: 280 g

Delivery contents:

Item-no.: 10900: COMBI 5000 with pH, AM, EC, moisture and temperature electrode and solutions in a case

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