EC Measurements


The conductivity meter COMBI 5000 EC fulfills all demands of a reliable, easy-to-use instrument for all horticultural applications. The highquality sensor is made of platinumplated ring electrodes. They feature a very fast response and are completely maintenance-free. The integrated temperature sensor provides an automatic and fast temperature compensation.


  • Pot plant production: control of nutrient solutions (fertilizer mixing systems), stock solutions
  • Substrate production: salinity control of peat and cocopeat products
  • Hydroponic systems, growing media like rockwool, etc.
  • Laboratory use as universal EC-meter

ECO pH Pocket Tester

This measuring instrument measures conductivity and temperature simultaneously. Calibration is performed automatically by pressing a button. Owing to the waterproof case the ECO EC can be used even outdoors or in a very dusty environment.

  • Stability indicator shows when the measured value can be read and the temperature is compensated
  • Battery charge indicator
  • Automatic switch-off after 8 minutes
  • Replaceable pH electrode
  • Automatic switch off: after 8 min

Application: conductivity measurement for salinity determination of liquids and solutions

EC Flow Control 5000

Continuous monitoring of EC

EC-Flow Control 5000 allows simultaneous, continuous monitoring of conductivity and temperature of nutrient solutions.

Based on the latest microprocessor technology, the instrument is completely developed and manufactured by STEPSystems in Germany.

The automatic sensor and buffer recognition makes operating errors and misstatements almost impossible – safety of correct application has been perfected.

Inverse indication of measured values when exceeding or dropping below the individually set limits ensures timely intervention in case of failures. The risk of over-fertilization or under-supply of plants by incorrectly adjusted fertilizer mixing systems is minimized.

With an additional relay card (version with relay output), external warning systems like bells, signal lamps etc. can be connected to the integrated outputs or corresponding switching functions can be carried out.

Owing to suspencion eye the unit can easily be wall-mounted and the optional tube-fitting kit enables an easy and fast installation and deinstallation of the probes (e.g. in case calibration or replacement).

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