Intuitive, menu-driven interface

The menu-driven interface is easy to use. Attach your LI-COR light sensor(s) to the three BNC connectors. Log manually or use menus to set up one-time, daily, or continual measurement routines. Sampling rates and logging intervals are user-selectable.

Fast measurements (up to 500Hz)

Use the LI-1500 with one sensor to sample and log measurements up to 500 Hz — fast enough to measure the flicker rate of fluorescent, iridescent, incandescent, and LED light bulbs. Graph these large data sets on your computer using LI-COR’s FV7x00 software, available for free download. Also view real-time light measurements, GPS data, and other variables on the eight-line display screen.

LI-1500 Specifications

Current Inputs: 3 BNC connectors (used to connect LI-COR sensors)

Input Channel Specifications:

  • Frequency Rejection: >70dB at 50 or 60 Hz (1 input channel @ sampling rates of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20Hz)
  • Current Accuracy: ±0.3% of full scale reading @25°C
  • Signal Ranges:
  • Range # Current Range Resolution (Typical)
    1 0 – 0.250 µA (micro-amps) 0.0305 nA (nano-amps)
    2 0 – 2.50 µA (micro-amps) 0.1525 nA (nano-amps)
    3 0 - 25 µA (micro-amps) 1.525 nA (nano-amps)
    4 0 - 250 µA (micro-amps) 15.25 nA (nano-amps)

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