LI-7820 N2O

Trace Gas Analyzer

Portable, low-power N2O measurements for soil gas flux research in the lab or the field. High-precision, high-stability, low drift measurements for a variety of applications. 50+ years of experience.

Rugged, Portable, and Easy to Use

Precise, accurate, and stable, yet still rugged and reliable, LI-COR’s new laser-based trace gas analysers add a new dimension to trace gas measurements and monitoring.

Multiple patented technologies contribute to PreciseTech™ Design of these analysers, providing exceptional performance for atmospheric and soil gas flux measurements, at a price point that is unmatched in the industry for this type of precision analyser. Choose the analyser you need, with options for high precision CO2 or CH4 measurements.

Choose Your Application,
Without Limits

Get high stability and precision for long-term monitoring and soil gas flux applications

High-Stable CH4 Performance with the LI-7810 CH4/CO2/H2O Analyzer

Capture methane measurements with 0.25 ppb precision (1σ, with 5-second averaging) at 2000 ppb CH4 in dry air at STP with less than 1 ppb standard drift per 24-hour period.

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