Automated Soil Gas Flux System

The LI-8100A is a portable, automated system that enables you to simply and reliably conduct survey and long-term measurements over a study site using the 10cm or 20cm survey chambers or clear or opaque long-term chambers. The LI-8100A with a long-term chamber is ideal for assessing the temporal variability of CO2 flux at a study site. The analyzer control unit contains an infrared gas analyzer and a connection panel to interface with long-term chambers, additional gas analyzers, and the LI-8150 multiplexer.

Net carbon exchange measurements

With the 8100-104C Clear Chamber, you can measure net carbon exchange (NCE), which is a key variable for understanding the carbon balance of an ecosystem. NCE is the gross primary production minus the ecosystem respiration. The clear chamber enables vegetation under the chamber to continue photosynthesis during a measurement. LI-8100-NCE packages are available in both single-chamber and multi-chamber configurations.

Gas concentration and flux mapping

The optional CO2 Mapping Kit adds GPS capabilities to the LI-8100A, making it easy to record ground-level CO2 concentrations and map your dataset in Google Earth™. You can map survey measurements of CO2 fluxes or log continuous datasets while walking or driving to assess ground-level CO2 concentrations.

Flask gas exchange measurements

The optional Flask Sampling Kit enables you to measure CO2 exchange from discrete samples contained in flasks. The Multiplexer controls air flow and sampling from each flask and records data according to your settings. The kit is also suitable for recording and measuring other trace gases with an external gas analyzer.

Gas profiling

The LI-8100A and LI-8150 Multiplexer combination can be used to do atmospheric CO2 profiling with the Profiling Kit. The system can record up to 16 points in either horizontal or vertical gas profiles. It is compatible with many external trace gas analyzers to measure profiles of N2O, CH4, and other gas concentrations. In this configuration, the system controls sampling of each inlet and records data according to your settings.

LI-8100A Analyzer Control Unit

Housed in a splash-resistant enclosure, the Analyzer Control Unit consists of a gas analyzer, the system controller, and a memory card to store data.

  • Dust and splash resistant, with weather resistant cable connectors.
  • Measures CO2 concentrations from 0 to 20,000 ppm.
  • With networking capabilities, you can put the system online to review performance and download data remotely.
  • Portable and designed for long-term deployment, so you can take it into the field and leave it exposed to the elements for extended field seasons.
  • Light and easy to carry during survey measurements.
  • Battery powered for portability.

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