Oven and Furnace

Drying Oven

Drying oven DL56 with natural convection, features an acid-proof stainless steel inner chamber and a powder coated sheet exterior, a 30 mm Ø access port, real time clock, digital timer, USB port and test results memory function to recall temperature data or events with an internal memory which stores up to 2046 data records. The range has an auto-diagnostic function, temperature sensor fail alarm, door lock, open door alarm and audible and visual temperature alarms. The oven has the following safety features: Independent adjustable over-temperature safety device Class 3.1 protects the samples and the oven and a power failure control system (program continues after power restored).

  • Microprocessor controller with LCD graphic display and illuminated touch buttons
  • Stores up to 3 programs, each program includes max. 3 adjustable ramps and 3 temperature-time profiles
  • Loop function up to 99 times or endless
  • Adjustable hold at set point time for temperature from 1 min to 5 days or continuous operation
  • Manual air flap control, 0% (closed), 25%, 50%, 75%, 100% (open)

Available models: Item-No.: 21020 – Drying oven DRY-Line 56

Muffle furnace

Compact, lightweight muffle furnace for many laboratory applications. The furnace has a double-walled, stainless stainless steel plate structure for low external temperatures and high stability. The room controller is mounted in the side allows flexibility in setting and performance control.

  • Furnace casing stainless, textured stainless steel sheet
  • Heating from two sides
  • Protected heating elements in quartz glass tubes
  • Energy-saving insulation
  • Supply air opening adjustable
  • Low-noise high-power relay
  • Adjustable heating ramp and hold time
  • Integrated over-temperature monitoring
  • Easy to maintain

Available models: Item-No.: 21060

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