Soil Moisture Sensors

In use since 1978, the patented WATERMARK sensor is a solid state electrical resistance sensing device that is used to measure soil water tension. As the tension changes with water content the resistance changes as well. That resistance can be measured using the WATERMARK Sensor.

The sensor consists of a pair of highly corrosion resistant electrodes that are embedded within a granular matrix. A current is applied to the WATERMARK to obtain a resistance value. The WATERMARK Meter or WATERMARK Monitor correlates the resistance to Centibars (kilopascals) of soil water tension.

The WATERMARK is designed to be a permanent sensor, placed in the soil to be monitored and “read” as often as necessary with a portable or stationary device. Internally installed gypsum provides some buffering for the effect of salinity levels normally found in irrigated agricultural crops and landscapes. For WATERMARK sensor specification sheets, click here.


Data Output Options

WATERMARK sensors can be read by a variety of our devices, including a handheld meter, 8 channel data logger, and wireless mesh networks. Click here to view monitoring options.

For quick integration of WATERMARK sensors with other products, adapters to read the sensors and output 0-3 Volts can be viewed here.

For directly integrating Watermark sensors into your OEM or open source project, please view our Watermark Sensor Integration Guide.

200SS-VA Voltage Adapter for WATERMARK Sensors

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