Soil Analyzer

The PNT 3000 COMBI+ brings together two important functions of salinity measurement: the salinity measurement directly in soils and substrates (activity), as well as the EC measurement in solutions and suspensions. The PNT 3000 COMBI+ provides an extended EC-measuring range: from 0-20 mS and from 20 – 200 mS. This makes precise measurements of fertilizer stock solutions possible.


PNT 3000 COMBI+: Activity and EC measurement in one single instrument

Analyzed products:

soil, water, nutrient solution

Measured Values:

salt, electrical conductivity, soil fertility, salinity

Recommended applications of the portable PNT 3000 COMBI+:

  • Nurseries: container plants, particularly if slow-release fertilizers are applied
  • Landscape: golf course greens, sports grounds, etc.
  • Peat production for immediate check during production process
  • Compost plants: to avoid excess of salt concentration in compost soils
  • Communities, local governments: determination of soils charged with chloride after winter period
  • Consultants, advisors, salesmen, etc.
  • Universities, schools, horti-/agricultural educational institutes
  • Pot plant production: control of nutrient solutions (fertilizer mixing systems), stocksolutions
  • Substrate production: salinity control of peat and cocopeat products
  • Hydroponic systems, growing media like rockwool, etc.
  • Laboratory use as universal EC-meter

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