Project Details

Customer :Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)
Year :2008


Project Summary:

In this project, ESI has been incharged to design and build an A-shape research greenhouse at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) with complete environmental control system. This type of greenhouse was designed with A-shape roof with single sided opening (motorized). The covering materials used from polycarbonate roof and side wall netting.

The single sided opening roof was designed to be climate control green house with site wall motorized to open and close when required. It has fixed layer covered with 32 mesh insect proof netting for both left and right walls (12 m). The structure frames used high tensile square hollows (galvanized) for both internal and external surface. The beams for the structure, slope members and side cladding are made of 50mm x 50mm hollow square or equivalents.

Besides, the galvanized sheet or gutters were equipped which acted as rainwater evacuation. The water volume able to be evacuated by the gutter depends on the size of the sheet used in its manufacture. It is basic on gutters the resistance to the environment and to the continuous contact with the water. Gutter made of galvanized steel (100mm).The gutter build in grooving on both side to hold plastic.

The centralized control panel and system consist of motorized control open and close, RH /TEMP monitoring, irrigation system – control system, air-condition control system, ventilation fans and misting system. The access doors were complete with two aluminum doors (2 section opening). The doors will be installed on one side of the entry pavilion with dimensions of 6 x 3 meters to achieve maximum protection against pests. Insect proof fan will be fixed at the entrance to prevent insect penetration.

Other equipments inside the greenhouse:

Misting System
CO2 Distribution System
Water Tanks
Water Pumps