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Project Title:


Year :2007


Project Summary: 

This is project where ESI as been offered to design and build tropical research greenhouse with state or art Irrigation/Fertigation system, growing system and Climate control system. In order to provide a good working system, we have visited our nearby country like Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Australia. Finally we discovered that, Agrogreen will be most suitable for Malaysian climate. Hence we design the entire project based Agrogreen design. It took 6 months to complete the project.

Even though all the 1 greenhouses look same but there some different on side netting, thermal screen and climate control system. This type of greenhouses was designed for virus sensitive plant like tomato and others. In this project, we introduce new method of growing system and irrigation. The growing system also covered with trellising system to support plants. MAHA Project.

For Irrigation / Fertigation system, we were using latest State of art fertigation controller. With this advance controller, user can key in the setting that they required like EC and pH. The controller will control automatically and maintain with setting until there is new setting. We also introduce new different controller to control climate in the greenhouse. The Controller able to control circulation fan, thermal screen, coolnets and side vents. This is the total solution for environmental control and the irrigation /fertigation system in greenhouse industries.