Project Details

Title :Controlled Environment Green House for High Land Crop at Low Land
Customer: Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute (MARDI)
System Integrator:Elite Scientific Instruments Sdn Bhd
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Project Summary:

Controlled Environment Green House is the first attempt for Mardi Researcher to implement a complete controlled environment Green House to plant high land plant at low land. In this project the research team chose straw berry as their experimental subject. The project goal is to study the healthy growth of straw berry with bigger, tastier with more fruits and early harvest time.

The project abstract is to design and develop a software and hardware system to monitor the environmental condition in a greenhouse with experimental high land plant (Straw Berry) on low land. The system will simulate the required environment for the plant to grow by collecting the RH, CO2, Solar Radiation and House Temperature reading and react as programmed by controlling the ventilator fan, Solenoid Valve etc.

The software designed inclusive of data acquisition function. This is a successful project, and become a prototype or model for other research team and private institution to use the collected and analyzed data for reference.