Project Details

Title :TN GCMS Smart Control Panel Software
Customer: TNB Research and Development Berhad (TNRD)
System Integrator:Elite Scientific Instruments Sdn Bhd
Contract Value:RM 480,000.00
Year: October 2018 - January 2019


Project Summary:

Elite Scientific Instruments Sdn Bhd has been honoured to be the main contractor for huge project for fabrication, installation, testing and commissioning of a CO2 greenhouse system located at TNB Research Sdn Bhd, Kajang Selangor. This greenhouse was designed with automated control and smart monitoring system by which include misting system, cooling system, circulation and ventilation, irrigation system and CO2 distribution system. By using this technology, the artificial CO2 was intentionally injected to the system. The monitoring control system and data logger allow the user to collect data and information about CO2 level, humidity, temperature of surrounding and light intensity.

This software is the key component for a smart greenhouse with the capabilities of sensor data acquisition, data logging, data plotting, daily scheduling as well as real-time triggering. This software couple with a IoT sensor node are able to turn a conventional greenhouse into a fully automated smart greenhouse.