A comprehensive course pioneered and designed by Elite in Malaysia, to prepare and provide excellent researchers, educators, students and academicians with an understanding of scientific instruments especially in agriculture sectors. The course objective is to educate participants on every basic to advances operations of those equipments, from doing survey to response curves measurements. 

The course is conducted by experienced trainers and wide-knowledge consultants with expertise in a variety of areas covered in the course. These trainers formerly and currently served with some of Malaysia's renowned universities and research institutes. 

We do offer several training courses as listed: 

Course Title Course Code Date Module (PDF) Register
Foundation of Plant Physiology FPP TBA Module FPP Sign Up
Portable Photosynthesis System, LI-6400XT LI64 TBA Module Li64 Sign Up
Advance Portable Photosynthesis System, LI-6800 LI68 TBA Module Li68 Sign Up
Light Measurement Studies  LMS TBA Module LMS Sign Up
Measurement of Chlorophyll Fluorescence FLRi TBA Module FLRi Sign Up
CO2 Response Curve CRC TBA Module CRC Sign Up
Basic of Eddy Covariance Technique EC TBA Module EC Sign Up
Controlled Environment Agriculture CEA TBA Module CEA Sign Up
LED Light in Plant Factory and Indoor Farming LEDi TBA Module LED Sign Up
Hydroponic Technology  HT TBA Module HT Sign Up
Soil Moisture Measurement  SMT TBA Module SMT Sign Up
Soil Analysis SA TBA Module SA Sign Up
Soil Gas Flux System SGF TBA Module SGF Sign Up
Weather Station  WS TBA Module WS Sign Up
    TBA Module 1 Sign Up