Grow Light Racking System

Planting your crops using a rack!

We provide installation service of racking system completed with electrical and wiring system. The uses of LED light help to enhance the plant growth as the plants also influenced by the variety of artificial light.


The racking’s design have four tray which have one hole for the water flow. The water flows were pump to each of the tray by water pump. The excessive of water will exit through the hole of the tray and come into the water tank. For the light, we were using two types which were T8 LED light and florescent. Each of the light has different amount of photon flux. The light was fixed top of the racking with support of the cable tied and bracket. The timer were tide for each level of racking, where the function of timer was to control the light on and off. The advantages of timer were it was more accurate and constant.

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